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WCF Service Implementing multiple contracts

In this article, we will see how a single WCF service can Implement multiple service contracts and we will expose each service contract using different end point.

Let’s create a WCF service with multiple operation contract.


  • Visual Studio –>File–>New–>Project–>Class Library –>Rename to EnterpriseService
  • Delete the default class class1.cs
  • Add a new Item to EnterpriseService
  • Rightclick on EnterpriseService–>Add–>New item–>WCF service–>Rename it to EnterpriseService.cs
  • Two cs files would be created EnterpriseService.cs and IEnterpriseService.cs
  • In IEnterpriseService.cs, You will see below code:

  • Lets create multiple service and operation contract in IEnterpriseService.cs

  • Modify the code for EnterpriseService.cs to Implement multiple contracts.


How to make it available for the client to consume?

Let’s add a console Project to the solution.
Rightclick on solution–>add new project–>Console Application–>Rename it to CompanyServiceHost
Add reference to EnterpriseService and System.ServiceModel
Add Application configuration file and define the service endpoints,address,binding and contracts as given below.

Add below code to Program.cs:

  • Hit Ctrl+F5, and the service would be started.

For testing this Service, Open another instance of visual studio

Visual Studio–>File–>New–>Project–>ASP.net web application–>Rename it to EnterpriseClient
Add service reference to it
Add System.ServiceModel reference to it
Add a web form and drag and drop 2 buttons and 2 labels. Name the button as GetEnterpriseInternetInformation and GetEnterpriseIntranetInformation

In Button click event, write Proxy classes like below

  • Save and hit Ctrl+F5 to run and test the Client and service

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