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Quiz 3

What is the output of the following program ?

C# Hello World


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7 thoughts on “Quiz 3

  1. Xavier says:

    This example will not display something, because it will end directly at the environment statement, then for me, nothing will be displayed.


  2. Aniket Malvankar says:

    print Hello world text and exit from code.

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  4. chaitanya says:

    Prints hello world and exits because Environment.Exit(0) terminates the process and returns the exit code to the Operating system.

  5. Rajanish says:

    It will print Hello World but we will not be able to see it as Environment.Exit(0) will exit the console app


  6. mark says:

    Code is invalid … you must have a catch after a try in C#

  7. Chris says:

    No you don’t! You can have a try…finally without a catch


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