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OData Data Model

Odata Data model represents the data from different data source in single format using Entity Data model (EDM).

Entity Data Model represents the logical structure of the data and it does not care how physically data are stored.

Entity Data Model

In EDM, each row in a table is mapped to Entity and relationship between tables is represented using association. Association can be unidirectional or bidirectional.

Associations define the relationship between two or more Entity Types (for example, Employee WorksFor Department). Instances of associations are grouped in Association Sets.Navigation Properties are special properties on Entity Types which are bound to a specific association and can be used to refer to associations of an entity.

All instance containers (Entity Sets and Association Sets) are grouped in an Entity Container.

Each Entry of an OData feed is described in the EDM by an Entity Type and each link between entries are described by a Navigation Property. OData resources are described in the table below.

OData Resource Is Described in an Entity Data Model by
  • Entity Set
  • A navigation property on an entity type that identifies a collection of entities
  • Entity Type
  • Note: Entity Types may be part of a type hierarchy
Property of an entry
  • Primitive or Complex Entity Type Property
Complex Type
  • Complex Type
  • A Navigation Property defined on an Entity Type
Service Operation
  • Function Import

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