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Five steps to create a WCF Rest service

In our previous articles, we understood:

Let’s create a WCF rest service.


Step 1: Create a WCF service project

  •  Open Visual Studio.
  •  From File -> New Project.  Select WCF from left and create a new WCF Service Application and give the name as MYRestService.

WCF Rest Service

Step 2: Define Data Contract

    • Now add a class to newly created project. Name it to Product.cs.

WCF Restful Service
WCF Restful Service

    • Define  the data contract in product.cs

WCF Restful Service

    • We wil Prepare the data source in class without fetching from database

WCF RestService

 Step 3: Define Service Contract

    • Now add a new WCF Service named ProductRestService.svc to this project
    • It will add contract as well as service file to project

WCF Restful Service
WCF Restful Service

  • There is one method in service. Most important is the WebInvoke attribute parameters.
    • Method = “GET”, represents an HTTP GET request.
    • ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Xml, response format will be XML here but we can return JSON as well by changing its value to WebMessageFormat.json.
    • BodyStyle = WebMessageBodyStyle.Bare, indicates neither the request and nor response are wrapped. Other possible values for BodyStyle are Wrapped, WrappedRequest, WrappedResponse.
    • UriTemplate = “GetProductList/”, it has two parts, URL path and query.

Step 4: Implementing Service

    • Only one method GetProductList is defined in the contract, so implementing service class will be as follows:

WCF Restful Service

Step 5: Configure service and Behavior

    • Below is the complete ServiceModel configuration settings.

WCF Restful Service

webHTTPBinding is the binding used for RESTful services.

Let’s test the restful service:

    • Right click ProductRESTService.svc file and click “View in Browser

WCF Restful Service

    • This is what we do normally for SOAP-based services.
    • REST-based services only uses HTTP verbs on a resource, so we can disable WSDL in this case by simply setting httpGetEnabled=”false”. Now if we run the service again, we will get the following screen.

WCF Restful Service

    • Modify the URL in browser and add “GetProductList/” to it. So, this is the UriTemplete we defined as service contract method.

WCF Rest Service

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