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Five steps to create a WCF Durable service

Step 1: Create a WCF service project

  •  Open Visual Studio.
  •  From File -> New Project->WCF Service-> Name it as Durable Service.

WCF Durable Service

Step 2: Define Interface and Decorate Operation and Service contract

Step 3: Service Implementation

    • You need to add [Serializable] And [DurableService()] attribute to the service implementation.
    • Set CanCreateInstance = true property to the operation in which instance state has to be persisted and set CompletesInstance = true when state has to be destroyed. In this implementation, we are going to persist the ‘currentValue’ variable value to the database.

Step 4: Set up data store environment

  • Microsoft provides inbuilt sqlPersistance provider.
  • To set up the database environment, run the these sql query located at following location ‘C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\SQL\EN’
    • SqlPersistenceProviderSchema.sql
    • SqlPersistenceProviderLogic.sql

Step 5: Set up data store environment

  • configure the persistence provider

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